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Anthony Green // Skate and Surf 2014 onstage portraits I|II

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Circa Survive - Compendium

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Smoke’s filled the air and I’m struggling to breathe.
Let them be calm, so I finally can sleep.
Everything you intended to say, don’t go back on your words.
You always said you’d tell me first.


Circa Survive . 05.2014 . Conshohocken, PA @ Studio 4

If there’s like one thing that our band should stand for, I think, it’s that people can get better. Even if shit is fucked, like even if you fucking lose you’re legs or no matter what happens, you can get better, you can deal with shit, you can be happy, you can be whatever you want. Most people don’t realize that they already are perfect.
Anthony Green (via dreamsfallenthrough)

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oh you like circa survive?

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